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We utilize 30 years of expertise to infuse MJE’s philosophy, brand value and key insights of urban appeal to a company’s brand, products and services.

01. Strategic Partnerships

We develop key partnerships and alliances aimed to increase the quality of life for ethnically diverse, urban communities by providing quality entertainment products and services.


02. Direct Investment

We strategically invest in infrastructure for the advancement of our community and support minority-owned businesses to positively impact the need for diversity in various sectors. Our approach to growing businesses is to provide unique access to opportunities, capital and talent.



03. Marketing

We provide unparalleled visibility to companies and products through alignment with one of the most powerful influencers in the country. Additionally, we provide expertise, leadership and insight to a variety of businesses on the evolving demographic of America.



2016 List of the Top 10 most booked corporate and association speakers.

Averages over 40 speaking engagements annually.

04. Media

With a voice that spans many generations, Earvin “Magic” Johnson has developed a profound reputation that makes him a highly sought after guest by some of the most respected media outlets seeking his insight and opinion across a variety of topics.

05. Resources

MJE Case Studies

Partner Challenge

Simply Healthcare based in Coral Gables was founded in 2010 by combining two HMOs. The firm had 38,000 insured in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, a few dozen employees and 2010 revenues of $38 million. It is a Florida licensed HMO doe people enrolled in Medicaid and Medicare.

Growth opportunity
  • 3.3M Medicaid eligible
  • 2.3M Medicare recipients
  • 25,000 living with HIV /AIDS on Medicaid


  • Focus on the community and not lose sight of the customer (care about the patient)
  • Magic Johnson Invested in the company and brought a lot of passion to the business
  • The high profiled businessman brought a lot of exposure to Simply Healthcare; he was utilized in commercials, billboards and sides of buses and meeting with community leaders and providers.
  • He meets with providers and community leaders to communicate the benefits of Simply Healthcare
  • He advocates prevention and treatment, explains the importance of education and practicing safe sex, and coping with the disease to live a full life.
  • The focus was to reach out to underserved communities in Miami-Dade and Broward counties including Haitians, Jamaican, African American and Hispanics and then expand into other counties
  • Provide a variety of plans including different Medicaid options to the low-income families, 13 Medicare Advantage plans a special program for HIV/AIDs patients

Economic Impact

  • Simply Healthcare was the first to offer a special plan for HIV/AIDS patients on Medicare
  • 12, 000 Medicaid recipients and 10,000 HIV/AIDS patients
  • More than 202,000 members serving 60 Florida counties and employs 821 statewide
  • 10,000 affiliated primary and specialty physicians, more than 165 hospitals
  • Revenues are over $458 million in 2014
  • Known as an outstanding minority business
  • Rated a four star rating (out of 5) based on how well it administers benefits and how members rates its performance

Partner Challenge

Starbucks had the perception of not being for everyone, an elite brand for 'suburban moms.' They understood the value of urban consumers, but had not ventured in to the urban market.

MJE Strategy

Through the formation of cross-functional teams, Magic Johnson Enterprises assisted in identifying key, robust areas for store selection, created relationships with local Community Based Organizations for hiring within the community, created relevant marketing campaigns to reach this customer and provided the company template for multicultural marketing

Each store implements specific interior designs, color palates, wall murals, plaques, community boards and venue music that reflect the host neighborhoods; encourages favorite pastimes such as chess and creating unique programs such as the java lounge that speak to the community

Uses grassroots approach by supporting local activities and fostering key relationships with local government officials, community leaders, and nonprofit organizations

Economic Impact

Providing more than 2,100 jobs
Paying an estimated $29.8 million in salaries/wages and benefits to UCO/Starbucks partners

Partner Challenge

Partner Challenge: 24 Hour Fitness had low membership, awareness and appeal among urban consumers in key markets.

MJE Strategy

  • Magic-Sport locations utilize grassroots marketing techniques to effectively reach their target demographic and inform customers about promotions, discounted initiation fees, low monthly fees and upcoming events.
  • The Fitness Clubs also utilize Magic Johnson Enterprises’ unique cross-marketing channels to provide free passes and encourage fitness by visiting a local club. Additional benefits include basketball tournaments, student/senior discounts, membership sales / guest passes online and periodic visits from Mr. Johnson

Membership Results

Magic-Sport fitness clubs active membership exceeds that of the non-Magic brand by 24%. Record pre-opening membership sales, within the entire 24 HF system, at all Magic-Sport locations.

Partner Challenge

The mission of the partnership was to operate first run theaters in underserved communities throughout the United States and to provide patrons superior state of the art facilities and services.

MJE Strategy

Use the rapport that Earvin “Magic” Johnson has with the urban communities around the United States to help the theatres be accepted as a part of the community. Magic Johnson theatres to feature concessions and products that catered to its wide range of customers. Provide thousands of jobs for the surrounding communities which created a sense of ownership in the theaters.


The launch of 6 theatres nationwide. Located in the underserved areas of Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Cleveland, Harlem and Largo,MD. These first run theaters combined for a total of 72 screens. Each location featured an average of 3,370 seats.

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